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Approved members qualify to apply to host rooms within our club to share topics they are passionate about and or have expertise in. Spiritual, practical, financial, and wellness topics are all welcome. 


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  • "Five Keys to Manifesting Your Dreams" highlights principles that shift the thought-pattern of the reader, and empowers them to manifest their dreams.  Download and enjoy! 

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What Others Have to Say....


It's been said "The proof is in the pudding." Here's what those who've

encountered our Founder as a speaker, coach and Dream ActivateHer™ 

have to say.

  • Your training has taken my ministry and business to a new level.~R. Fowler 

  • I am so grateful.  I didn't even know what to ask and the Lord sent you with the answers.~C. Windom 

  • I was just talking to a friend about the impact you make. It's a ripple effect and you have no idea how far out that goes! Thank you for your dedication and the blessing you are to Kingdom women.~C. Grigsby

  • I'm so excited about what's been stirred in me! I feel overwhelmed with purpose as a result of your teachings. I have so much more clarity, understanding, confidence and determination.~C. Jones

Why You Should Join...

Membership Has Benefits


Connecting in clubhouse rooms and supporting each other to assure success, is what we do. 


Opportunity to seek out and be found by others desiring to move their purpose and visions forward.


Community members are spotlighted for the shine-through efforts, identified within our community. 

As your Dream ActivateHer™ my mission is to "Wake You Up TO Your Dreams" and Help You Embrace Your Right to Be..


You are amazing, beautiful and brilliant. All women are. God has invested a lot in you, to impact the world around you. Because of the trauma from a broken past, I didn't believe that about myself. For decades I struggled with no self-esteem, fighting to discover my purpose, and failing to tap into my God-given power, gifts, talents, skills, anointing and wisdom. I was completely asleep.  I dreamed about my "one day" but didn't have the know-how or drive to wake up "to" what I saw in my dreams. 


Although I was smart and gifted, I found myself trying to fit into molds of acceptance crafted by others. I looked for love in all the wrong places. I lost my voice and my vision. Ultimately, I gained healing and victory over all of that, and began to thrive in who God always meant me to be...An ActivateHer and BuildHer of the purpose, power and potential that lies in others.  I'm ready to serve you. 


Our Founder, Coach Joyce, offers several ways for members to connect

and grow, both inside and outside of Clubhouse.  

  • Enroll in MasterClasses

    Member-only classes are offered inside Ch and offline in Zoom.  

  • Igniting Dreams PodCast

    Providing inspiration to the Dreamers. Click the microphone icon to listen. 

  • Dream LaunchHer Academy

    Coach Joyce's signature 6-week program for helping you launch your ministry and marketplace vision. 

  • Speak In Our Club

  • Girl Power Academy

  • VIP/Group Coaching

    Individual VIP Days and group coaching are offered to help you gain clarity and build out your idea. 


Review the statements in response to the frequently. asked questions. 

What Is Kingdom Buildhers Club?

Who Is Kingdom BuildHers For?

The Kingdom BuildHers club is for Christian women seeking any of the following: vision or purpose clarity, community for support, opportunities to request and offer prayer for life, business or ministry endeavors, need help activating their voice or vision and creating more impact and income. Our members are servant-minded and are looking for a place to offer their gifts and expertise by Co-Moderating and hosting rooms in our club.  

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